Don’t write something off because it was tough, instead rate it on your feelings of achievement! – Finding the right exercise for you & a little personal update.

Hi everyone!! Happy #internationalwomensday! Today I thought I would give you all a little update on where I am on my journey and also give you a little advice on exercise and the importance of finding the right kind of exercise for you and how this can impact on your motivation and overall success!

So it’s been a while since I gave you all a little update on where I am in my journey to health and what’s been keeping me motivated each day. Well I’m going to start by telling you all that I’ve put on weight, yep, half a stone to be precise, I’m now sitting at 9 stone 7 pounds and let me tell you it has been the most daunting thing of all time for me. To see those scales going back up after years of willing them to go down really messed with my head for a while, and actually if I’m perfectly honest, it’s still messing with my head. You see I know the reason why it’s gone up and it’s not from binging or eating crap, it’s because I’m strength training and I’ve put on muscle going from 22% body fat to 19% but of course muscle is heavier than fat, so the reality of watching the scales sends me into panic mode a little bit. Which, might I add, I think is a perfectly normal reaction all things considered but it’s trying to keep it in check which has me anxious, I think it’s like I’m almost worried that it’s all a lie and that I’m actually putting on fat when according to the calipers, I’m not but alas my brain is airing on the side of caution and so the conflict in my head continues.

There comes a time when you forget about the scale and go by how you feel and how you look and I know I’m at that time and that’s what I should be doing, but it’s so hard to loosen that control in case I let go completely and fling myself back to 235 pounds, which again I KNOW isn’t going to happen but being the control freak that I am, I dread the possibility. Also, I feel a little out of my depth when it comes to the subject of body recomposition, I’m reading lots of articles from verified sources and so am trying to educate myself so I’m not doing myself any damage but I guess it’s tough because I know so much about weightloss but my view of weight gain is scary when really it shouldn’t be as long as I’m doing it right. So I’m being practical, I know that muscles need food to grow and I’m getting stronger week by week and am feeling great, so I’m adding extra calories but just making sure that it’s coming from natural and healthy sources. Most of it is coming in the form of protein and although you’ll catch me every now and again with a protein shake or making protein pancakes, I honestly try my hardest to eat my protein from natural foods, but sometimes that’s not possible so a shake for on the go is handy!

So anyway before I start harping on about protein, I’ve found myself much more interested in the training aspect of my body re-composition, trying to actively target certain areas on my body and change the composition of my body is fun and I’m really enjoying my workouts at the moment, which brings me on to my next little piece of advice for you all!

Why is it so important to find the right kind of exercise for you?

Well coming from someone who used to think that she hated any form of exercise it’s hard to imagine that there is a form of exercise out there that won’t make you recoil in horror or run the other way, but the truth of the matter is that you haven’t given every type of exercise a shot and just because something is tough doesn’t mean it’s not for you!

I used to think that weightlifting was a man’s thing, not something that women would do because firstly If i did it i’d end up being so bulky I’d be like Mrs Trunchbull (which isn’t true by the way) but also I thought that it must be the most boring thing ever, all you do is lift things….repeatedly! However, once I started in fitclub I actually realised that it was much more than what it appeared. Yeah, I guess in theory it is just repeatedly lifting things and gradually adding weight, but it’s the sense of achievement that keeps you motivated, I know it sounds so sappy but I feel so proud when I complete a lift that’s really heavy! I feel like Wow! I’m strong and you can all laugh at me but that’s what keeps me going back, the motivation to continue to progress and be a better version of myself! Now obviously this isn’t the only aspect in my life where I adhere to this sort of motto but it is the reason why I fell in love with weightlifting and it’s also one of the main factors as to why I’ve had the success with my weightloss.

Now for a sport which I have my disagreements with but I’m not giving up hope yet…. Running! Ugh don’t get me started, I’ve done the 4 mile Dunboyne road race, I did the Women’s Mini Marathon but my god I’ve had such a love/hate relationship (mostly siding on hate) with running. My knees hurt,I can’t get my pace, I can’t breathe so many things I dislike about it BUT I refuse to give up! One of these days I’ll enjoy it… so far I live in hope!

Anyway my point is that if I’d tried to lose weight and started running at the same time, I think my journey to health would be very different to what it currently is, because instead of feeling motivated I’d have been discouraged. You NEED to find something that you find pleasure in, Whether it’s Zumba classes, HIIT classes, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Football, Gaelic and all of the other wonderful exercises out there, but the other very important thing to realise is that if you are overweight and unfit, it’s going to be tough at the beginning! Don’t write something off because it was a tough class instead rate something on your feelings of achievement, because the bigger the feeling of achievement, the more motivated you’ll be to continue and prove to yourself that you can do better and you can be better!

We are lucky to live in a world where we have access to so many different forms of exercise, find one that motivates you to be better, because it is out there and you’ll never look back once you find it 🙂




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