Giant Cous-Cous Side Salad



Hi everyone! Thought with this glorious weather we are having that I’d just pop on and share this super simple but super tasty recipe I threw together. It’s perfect for barbeques and a great lower calorie alternative to rice! This giant cous-cous salad takes no time and all and won’t break the bank either with all the ingredients coming in at less than 4 euro in Aldi!





Giant Cous Cous



Red Onion

Balsamic Vinegar




Pop all your cous-cous into a pot, cover with water and bring to the boil. Once boiled turn down and allow simmer for 5-6 minutes or until it becomes translucent.

chop.jpgWhile your cous cous is simmering, grab your onion, garlic and tomatoes and chop.

Once your cous-cous is done, drain it well (you don’t want it to go stodgy) pop into a bowl and leave to cool.

When the cous cous is cold, add your garlic, onion & tomatoes and mix.

You can either add your balsamic to the whole bowl or you can just leave on table for people to take as they like. It’s a quick and simple fool proof recipe and 1 serving of 150grams comes in at just about 120 calories.

Enjoy the weather ❤ xx





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